Six-Pack-O-Kubb - Cedar - Back in Stock!


Back in stock! A fresh batch of new and improved Six-Pack-o-Kubb sets is available now!

The Six-Pack-O-Kubb is a re-design of the Swedish classic. More compact and lighter weight, it can be carried around town by bike or by hand. Everything fits neatly together to save space – the handle of the case is also one of the playing pieces. It just so happens that it’s about the same size as the very familiar six-pack of beer (Hint: ditch the game pieces and use the case to carry (most) cans or bottles).

Designed in Canada and inspired by Sweden, the sets are handmade from locally sourced wood by a group of retired woodworkers in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

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Legend has it that Kubb (pronounced keub) is an ancient game played by the Vikings. Others claim it was born from the off-cuts at the Ikea factory. Either way it’s great fun!

Put simply, it’s a game of strategy that involves throwing pieces of wood at other pieces of wood, good times and occasional trash talking.

How to play Six-Pack-O-Kubb

Materials: Locally sourced wood; the dowels are birch, the other playing pieces and case are cedar, the circular handle cover is oak.

Dimensions: 24cm L x 15.3cm W x 31.6cm (9.5"x6.2"x12.4")

Weight: 2.66kg (5.86lbs)